Orkney Livestock Association


The following farms have had a clear screen of their 2008 born calves. This means there is minimal risk of purchasing a "red" homebred animal from these farms. Accredited farms are those that have had at least two consecutive annual clear screens, with the most recent being the test of their 2008 born calves.

2008 Calf Crop
Alexander, Upper Breckquoy, Holm             Accredited
Allison, Kirkbister, Longhope                        Accredited
Anderton, Harrabrough, South Ronaldsay    Accredited
Annal, Myres, South Ronaldsay                    Accredited
Annal, Gossigar Farm, South Ronaldsay       Accredited
Baillie, Biggings, Toab                                   Accredited
Baillie, Sebay Farm, Tankerness                     Accredited
Baillie, Sebay Cottage, Tankerness                Accredited
Bain, Hall of Tankerness, Tankerness            Accredited
Bain, Quholmslie, Stromness                         Accredited
Bain, Newbigging, Westray                           Accredited
Ballantyne, Quoylonga, Birsay                      Accredited
Barton, Brough Farm, South Ronaldsay       Accredited
Bews, Muckle Crofty, Tankerness                  Accredited
Bews, Hilton, Shapinsay                                 Accredited
Bown, New Holland, Holm                           Accredited
Boyd, Hanover, Sanday                                 Accredited
Braddock/Davey, Hoy High, Graemsay       Accredited
Brass, Workwell, Orphir                                Accredited
Brettobreck, Feaval, Stromness                     Accredited
Brodie, Sunnybank, St Ola                            Accredited
Brown, Newhall, Stromness                          Accredited
Brown, Glebe, Firth                                       Accredited
Bremner Partners, Backaland, Eday            Accredited
Brown, Noltland, Westray                             Accredited
Brown, Howally, Twatt                                 Accredited
Brown, Millbrae, Sanday                               Accredited
Bruce, Midhouse, Deerness
Budge, Burn South Ronaldsay                       Accredited
Burgher, Ness, Westray                                 Accredited
Casey, Gaitnip Farm, St Ola 
Cogle, Newbigging, South Ronaldsay           Accredited
Coghill, Muce, Birsay                                     Accredited
Colligarth Farms, Colligarth, Sanday           Accredited
Chalmers, Mousland, Stromness                   Accredited
Clark, Stratheast, Holm                                 Accredited
Clark, Quoydale, Hoy                                   Accredited
Cook, Hall of Rendall                                                Accredited
Cooper, Cleat, Stronsay                                 Accredited
Cooper, Midgarth, Stronsay                          Accredited
Cox, Breck, Eday                                           Accredited
Cormack, Muckle Hunclett, Holm                Accredited
Craigie, Weyland, Egilsay                             Accredited
Cromarty, Hools, South Ronaldsay              Accredited
Cromarty, Gorn, Graemsay                           Accredited
Cursiter, Papa Westray                                  Accredited
Davidson, Skaill Farm, Sandwick                  Accredited     
Dearness, Knowe, Sanday                             Accredited
Delday, Old Voy, Toab                                  Accredited
Dick, Midskaill, Eday                                     Accredited
Dixon, Hobbister Farms, Orphir                     Accredited
Donaldson, Coldomo, Stenness                     Accredited
Drever, Berrieddale, Westray                                    Accredited
Drever, Trenabie Farms, Westray                  Accredited
Drever & Fergus, lower Ellibister, Rendall Accredited
Drydale Farms, Stromness                            Accredited
Duncan, South Flaws, South Ronaldsay       Accredited
Easton, Quoyhalen, Quoyloo                         Accredited
Eunson, Staye, Deerness                                Accredited
Eunson, Steaquoy, Shapinsay                        Accredited
Fallows & Son, Dyke Farm, Evie                  Accredited
Fergus, Clifton, Westray                                Accredited
Fersness Farms, Eday                                   Accredited
Firth, Hilltoft, Holm                                      Accredited
Flaws, Helziegetha, Wyre                              Accredited
Flaws, Nisthouse, Evie                                   Accredited
Flett, Hurtiso                                                  Accredited
Flett, Nistaben, Dounby                                 Accredited
Flett, Leary, Birsay                                         Accredited
Flett, Appietown, Rendall                              Accredited
Flett, Moan, Firth                                           Accredited
Flett, Keldra, Firth                                          Accredited
Flett, Stank, Stromness                                   Accredited
Flett, Redbanks, Tankerness
Flett, Stonehall, Grimbister                            Accredited
Flett, Hammer, Dounby                                  Accredited
Foubister, Netherton, Holm                           Accredited
Foubister, West Burnside, Tankerness          Accredited
Foulis, No 3 Links, Westray                           Accredited
Foulis, Horraquoy, Deerness             
Fraser & Harcus, Housebay, Stonsay           Accredited
Fraser, Feaval, Birsay                                    Accredited
Fraser, Lower Cottiscarth, Rendall
Gaddie, Mooness, Holm                                Accredited
Garson Farms,Garson, Sandwick                 Accredited
Garson, Huan, Sandwick                               Accredited
Gaudie, Netherbreck, Holm                           Accredited
Gaudie, Netherskaill, Birsay                          Accredited
Gilholm, Hammerbrake, Sanday                    Accredited
Gray, Housequoy, Stenness                           Accredited
Gray, Dalvenna, St Ola                                  Accredited
Greentoft Farms Ltd, Eday                          Accredited
Groat, Cloke, Dounby                                   Accredited
Groat, Orgil, Hoy                                           Accredited
Groundwater, Towerhill, St Ola                   Accredited
Gullion, Warthill, Holm                                 Accredited
Hamilton, Gorn, Harray                                 Accredited     
Harcus, Quanterness, St Ola                          Accredited
Harcus, Meadowbank, Westray                     Accredtied
Harcus, Branstane, Westray                           Accredited
Harcus & Barton, Laingskaill, Westray        Accredited
Harvey, Slinghorn, Swannay                         Accredited
Harvey, Wattle, Birsay                                   Accredited
Harvey, Reveyhall, Birsay                             Accredited
Harvey, Quholmslie                                       Accredited
Hay, West Howe, Birsay                                Accredited
Hay, East Howe, Birsay                                 Accredited
Hay, Berriedale, Birsay                                  Accredited
Heard, Huip, Stronsay
Heddle, Westfield, Stromness                        Accredited
Hepburn, Burnside, Tankerness                    Accredited
Hepburn, Kirkton, Shapinsay                        Accredited
Hewison, Gretna Green, Westray                   Accredited
Holland & Sinclair, Kirkbister, Stronsay     
Hourston, Biggings Cottage, Dounby           Accredited
Hourston, Cott, Papa Westray                       Accredited
Hume, Fea, Holm                                           Accredited
Inkster, Upper Linklater, Sandwick              Accredited
Irvine, Lenahowe, Sandwick                         Accredited
Jarvis, Tifter, Westray                                    Accredited
Jones, Denwick, Deerness                             Accredited
Johnston, Cloke, Dounby                              Accredited
Johnston, Brettovale, Dounby                       Accredited
Johnston, Hewan, Shapinsay                         Accredited
Johnston, Brockan, Stromness                       Accredited
Johnston, Testaquoy, Wyre                           Accredited
Kemp, Dyke, Orphir
Kemp, Hunchaquoy, Birsay                           Accredited
Kemp, Greenhall, Deerness                            Accredited
Kemp, Upper Hobbister, Stenness                 Accredited
Kent, Easthouse, Shapinsay                           Accredited
Kent, Dale, Stronsay
Kirkness, Fribo, Westray                               Accredited
Kirkness, Flotterston, Sandwick                   Accredited
Kirkness, Warth, Twatt                                 Accredited
Laga Farms, Laga, Evie                   
Laughton, Easternister, Holm                        Accredited
Learmonth, Grandon, Finstown                    Accredited
Lennie, Nearhouse, Tankerness                      Accredited
Lennie, Seaview, Sanday                               Accredited
Lennie, Silverhall, Sanday                             Accredited
Leslie, Odinstone, Shapinsay                         Accredited
Leslie, Hillside, Shapinsay                              Accredited
Leslie, Quoymorhouse, Shapinsay                  Accredited
Leslie, Quoys, Westray                                   Accredited
Leslie, Chapelbrae, Westray                           Accredited
Lidderdale, Ness, Shapinsay                         Accredited
Linnitt, Gaira, South Ronaldsay                    Accredited
Linklater, Upper Braebuster, Deerness         Accredited
Lyall, Cufter, Evie                                          Accredited
Lyon, Hestwell, Sandwick                             Accredited
McCabe, Croyhouse, Eday                            Accredited
McGill, Langskaill, Gairsay                            Accredited
Macrae, Binscarth, Finstown                         Accredited
Maesquoy Farms, Maesquoy, Harray           Accredited
Mainland, Cruan, Rendall                             Accredited
Marshall, Cotland, St Ola                              Accredited
Martini, Cools, Couth Ronaldsay                  Accredited
Marwick, Redland Farm, Stromness             Accredtied
Meason, Frustigarth, Shapinsay                     Accredited
Metcalf, Work Farm, St Ola                           Accredited
Miller, Nigley, Evie                                        Accredited
Miller, Briarlea, Stronsay                               Accredited
Miller, Coweshouse, Stronsay                        Accredited
Miller, Banks, Stronsay                                  Accredited
Moar, Ballarat, Harray                                   Accredited
Moar, Tufta, Harray                                       Accredited
Moar, Withaquoy, Holm                                Accredited
Moar, Walkerhouse, Birsay                            Accredited
Montgomery, Midland, Rendall                    Accredited
Moodie, Annabrec/Northskaill, Sanday         Accredited
Mowat, Breck Cottage, Birsay                       Accredited
Mowat, Ramray, Graemsay                            Accredited
Moss, Ocklester, Holm                                   Accredited
Muir, Gorn, Shapinsay                                   Accredited
Muir, Midhouse, Harray                                Accredited
Muir, Biggings, Holm                                    Accredited
Muir, Hermisgarth, Sanday                            Accredited
Muir, Rosecraigie, Shapinsay                      Accredited
Newton, Roo, Sanday                                    Accredited
Nicholson, Cleat Cottage, Westray                Accredited
Nicolson & Eunson, Caskald, Shapinsay      Accredited
Nicolson, Gitterpitten, Rendall                      Accredited
Norquay, Heatherrun, South Ronaldsay       Accredited
Norquay, Holland, South Ronaldsay           Accredited
Omand, Bow of Linklater                                Accredited
Omand, Oback, South Ronaldsay                 Accredited
Omand, Wardhill, South Ronaldsay              Accredited
Paterson, Nessbreck, Harray                          Accredited
Rendall, Braefoot, Shapinsay                         Accerdited
Rendall, Breckowell, Ring, Westray              Accredited
Rendall, Windywalls, Westray                      Accredited
Rendall, Veddar, Tankerness                         Accredited
Rendall, Holland, Papa Westray                    Accredited
Rendall, Whitehow, Papa Westray                Accredited
Rendall, Patience, Westray                            Accredited
Rendall, Dogtoo, Westray                             Accredited
Rendall, Floss, Westray                                 Accredited
Riches, Linnabreck, Stronsay                         Accredited
Ridland, Aikerness, Evie
Ritch, Kastall, Langskaill Farm, Birsay          Accredited
Ritch, Fillets, Graemsay                                 Accredited
Ritch, Sandside, Graemsay                            Accredited
Robertson, Little Wards, Longhope              Accredited
Robertson,Brunthouse, Flotta                       Accredited
Rosie, Quoybond, South Ronaldsay             Accredited
Rosie, Heather-Cow Root, Flotta                   Accredited
Ross, Lenahowe, Sandwick                           Accredited
Sandison, Hindatown, Harray                       Accredited
Scarth, Twatt Farm, Birsay                            Accredited
Sclater, Lower Hobbister, Stenness               Accredited
Sclater, Upper Breckan, Evie                         Accredited
Sclater, Rosebank, Twatt                               Accredited
Sclater, Russamyre, Orphir                            Accredited
Scott, Weethick, Tankerness  
Scott, No5 Cleat, South Ronaldsay                Accredited
Scott, Mirkady, Deerness                               Accredited
Scott, Pickletillum, Deerness                          Accredited
Scott, Caldale, St Ola                                     Accredited
Scott, Georth, Evie                                         Accredited
Scott, Nistigar, Westray                                  Accredited
Scott, Claybraes, South Ronaldsay               
Scott & Brown, Biggings, Stenness              Accredited
Scott, Grutha, South Ronalsay                       Accredited
Scott, Virginia, Stenness                                 Accredited
Seater, Perth, Westray                                    Accredited
Seator, Grimbister, Firth                                Accredited
Seatter, Noup, Westray                                  Accredited
Seatter, Farewell, South Ronaldsay               Accredited
Seatter, Hammer, Westray                             Accredited
Shearer, Airy, Stronsay                                 Accredited
Shearer, Backarass, Westray                         Accredited
Shearer, Housegarth, Quoyloo                      Accredited
Sinclair, Braehead, Stromness                       Accredited
Sinclair, Midhouse, Harray                            Accredited
Sinclair, Unigarth, Sandwick                         Accredited
Sinclair, Eastside, Dounby                             Accredited
Sinclair, Haquay, Shapinsay                          Accredited
Sinclair, Braeland, South Ronaldsay             Accredited
Sincalir, Heads, South Ronaldsay                 Accredited
Sinclair, Moan, Harray                                   Accredited
Sinclair, West Aith, Sandwick
Simmons, Breckmyres, Shapinsay                 Accredited
Skea, Barns of Ayre                                       Accredited
Skea, Orquil, Rendall                                     Accredited
Skea, Garbo, Sanday                                      Accredited
Slater, Millquoy, Stenness                              Accredited
Slater, Newbigging, Sandwick                      Accredited
Smith, Cauldhame, Stromness                       Accredited
Smith, Catmuir Hall, Flotta                            Accredited
Smith, Upper Cornquoy, Holm                      Accredited
Smith, Lower Cornquoy, Holm                      Accredited
Smyth & Dupres, Benlaw, Costa                  Accredited
Spence, Beaquoy, Dounby                             Accredited
Spence, Eastabist, Dounby                             Accredited
Spence,  Hyval, Sandwick                             Accredited
Spence, Sprengar, Sandwick                          Accredited
Spence, Norton, Dounby                                Accredited
Spence, The Northfield, Burray                     Accredited
Spence, Muckle Pow, Evie                             Accredited
Stanger, South Seatter, Sandwick                 Accredited
Stephen, Sandwick House, S Ron                 Accredited
Stevenson, Biggings, Rendall
Stevenson, Burgar, Evie                                 Accredited
Stevenson, Bu, Westray                                 Accredited
Stevenson, Crismo, Evie                                Accredited
Stevenson, Burness, Rendall                          Accredited
Stevenson, Midhouse, Evie                            Accredited
Stout, Whitehall, Stronsay
Stout. Chapelbrae, Westray                            Accredited
Stout, Linksness, Stronsay                             Accredited
Stout, North Grinaby, Westray                      Accredited
Sutherland, Aithsdale, Longhope                 Accredited
Swannie, Elwick, Sahpinsay                          Accredited
Swanney, Kirbest, North Ronaldsay             Accredited
Tait, Campston, Toab                                     Accredited
Tait, Ingsay, Swannay                                    Accredited
Tait, Lower Bu, Holm                                    Accredited
Tait, Quoykea, Toab                                       Accredited
Tait, Rosemount, Sandwick                           Accredited
Tait, Skelday, Farafield, Dounby                   Accredited
Taylor, Brencherhouse, Birsay                       Accredited
Thomson, Cockmurra, Holm                         Accredited
Thomson, Heathercow, Eday                        Accredited
Thomson, Cleaton Brae, Westray                  Accredited
Thomson, Hallbreck, South Ronaldsay         Accredited
Thomson, East Massaetter                             Accredited
Thomson, Halcro, South Ronaldsay              Accredited
Thomson, Layburn, Rendall 
Towrie, West Brough Farms, Sanday            Accredited
Tulloch, Burndyke, Westray                          Accredited
Twatt, Lingro, St Ola                                     Accredited
Vetquoy Farm, Sandwick                             Accredited
Wallace, Newgreen, Holm                             Accredited
Walls, New Moan, Dounby                            Accredited
Walls, Inkerman, Sanday                               Accredited     
Watson, Winksetter, Harray                           Accredited
Watson. Rennibister, Firth                             Accredited
Wick, Eastervoy, Sandwick                           Accredited
Wilson, Howequoy, Holm                              Accredited
Wishart, Newbigging, Harray                        Accredited
Wishart, Knockhall, South Ronaldsay          Accredited
Whyte, Honeysgeo, South Ronaldsay           Accredited
Wood, Berriedale, South Ronaldsay              Accredited
Wood, Moonlight, Evie                                  Accredited
Wylie, Millhouse, Deerness
Wylie, Seatter, Deerness                                 Accredited
Young, Castle, Stromness                              Accredited
Yule, Eastaquoy, Harray                                Accredited

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